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WEKER - true Italian excellence!

Weker is one of the many success stories among Úlite Italian enterprises, whose destiny seems to be to scale the peaks of success, beating record after record. Founded by a young engineer, Enrico Medessi, with an ingenious idea: HOW TO LIMIT WASTE WATER FROM INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION PROCESSES AND, AT THE SAME TIME, DRASTICALLY REDUCE COSTS, including electricity bills.

The physical principal was known; the problem was how to put it into practice, bearing in mind the difficulties of the sector of medium to large-scale producers of ice-cream, cakes and other goods requiring substantial water and electricity for refrigeration, pasteurisation and other associated processes.

It was a matter of juggling certain basic elements: space, quality of the process, and not least, the cost, which could only be justified by a DRASTIC REDUCTION IN WATER AND ENERGY BILLS.
In other words, it was necessary to "invent" a new "heat exchange" system, to meet the criteria, since those already in use were very big, very noisy and cost more than they saved in bills.

Our Italian genius found the balance and, first and unique in the world, patented it, to begin production of machines which are asserting themselves decisively both in Italy and abroad.

This is how Weker S.r.l. started and made its name.