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noiseless compact high performance

Climate control in a passive house, ensuring a perfect exchange of air by controlled mechanical ventilation, slashing maintenance and energy costs: today this is truly simple. Weker has created an air treatment unit for a healthy and comfortable home environment. Unique for its performance and the quality of its components, the REINELUFT series is the ultimate in its field. Assembled entirely on our premises and individually tested, the machines provide a continual recycling of air in the house and regulate humidity and temperature for both heating and cooling. Like the WEKERCLIMA range, the materials used are the best the market has to offer. To guarantee the air quality and required temperature inside the house, one cycle per hour of air is perhaps not enough, and so REINELUFT is designed with a special system which can provide the equivalent of three cycles per hour. When the temperature outside becomes extreme, conventional machines suffer, with a consequent dip in performance. With the REINELUFT series, even external temperatures of -20°c to +45°c do not affect performance; it continues to give you the comfort you seek with minimal energy consumption. As with all WEKER products, it is the machine which adapts to your needs. Every WEKER machine is individually designed to meet your specific requirements and avoid any waste of energy. The size of standard machines, in fact, often compels clients to install over-large systems, as these are not modular, and this leads to increased running costs. Everyone can handle the ordinary, but for extraordinary, WEKER is the one! In fact the REINELUFT range, on request, can even be fitted with a system of air ozonation and de-ozonation which treats the air instantly to fill your house with the purest air you have ever breathed. These options can be installed in parallel with an existing climate control system, or substitute it completely. All this is innovation. All this is well-being. All this is WEKER.