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Save energy and protect the environment

65% tax deductible 100% made in Italy reliable
noiseless compact save up to 70%

Energy used by the residential and services sector for heating and domestic hot water represents around 41% of total energy consumption in Italy,
This electricity is almost entirely produced from liquid, gas and biomass fuels, with consequent atmospheric pollution which damages the environment and has harmful effects on human health. New demands for a better standard of living involve climate control not only for work places but also in the home, with further increases in energy consumption. Today, WEKER offers unique and personalised alternatives which can solve all these problems in a single solution.


Compared to traditional fuels, a well-built heat pump gives hitherto unimaginable savings on the costs of heating, cooling and domestic hot water - up to 50% compared with gas and up to 70% compared to LPG and fuel oil. Assembled entirely on our premises and individually tested prior to installation, the WEKERCLIMA series machines guarantee optimum performance, low energy use, simple inspection and installation, noiseless operation and, above all, and contrary to the usual situation, the machine adapts to your criteria, not the other way round.

Hermetic scroll compressors using R134a for high temperatures or R407c for medium and low temperatures are cooled by suction gas. To prevent the transmission of vibrations, each compressor unit is mounted on shock absorbers. Every machine is equipped with brazed plate heat exchangers and highly efficient fin and tube batteries. The water circuit is fitted with diaphragms for more efficient heat exchange, and both the outer casing and the tubing is covered with expanded closed cell insulation to prevent the formation of condensation and consequent mould. Connections between individual components within the refrigeration unit are copper tubes soldered with silver alloy.


The circuit is completed by thermostatic valves with equaliser which modulates the flow of gas to the evaporator according to the thermal load (so as to ensure a sufficient level of superheating of the suction gas), mechanical dehydration filters (made in ceramic, to retain humidity and any impurities present in the circuit), and an indicator for checking the level of refrigerant gas. The structure of our machine has an aluminium framework, and the entire casing is in stainless steel or aluminium sheet, enabling it to operate in any climatic conditions. The machine is also fitted with a device (at the evaporator outlet) which intervenes in the case of excessive lowering of water temperature to prevent the formation of ice when the machine is not in operation; and a probe for each circuit (at the evaporator intake) connected to a digital display which shows the water temperature on intake and outlet.


In addition, a pressostat checks for potential anomalies in pressure and ensures the machine's safety. The machine is completed by the control and power panel for the refrigerator's operation; this consists of remote control switches for controlling the compressors, electronic thermostats for the chiller, the safety thermostat and the terminal boards which serve the internal connections in conformity with C.E.I. (Italian Electronics Committee) regulations, and the connection to the power supply.


Great savings (helped too by the fact that these machines are tax-deductible, and normally require no maintenance), great performance, maximum reliability. This is why substituting your existing conventional heating system with a WEKER Heat Pump becomes a compulsory option, in terms of the considerable immediate savings to be made and the safeguarding of the planet we will leave to our children.