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Who has placed their trust and their reputation in Weker's experienced hands?

ALENIA Space Group

The ALENIA Space Group (via AEROSTUDI) commissions some equipment for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration: an air conditioning unit for an animal testing laboratory and a machine to maintain electronic components destined for Space Shuttle COLUMBIA at constant temperature. The order is for high-precision machinery with tolerance to a tenth of a degree, as well as numerous other criteria, which presents an insurmountable challenge for anyone. WEKER is the only company which manages to fully meet the criteria of precision and reliability.


Two Italian firms which stand for excellence in the wine-making field in Italy and the world, FELLUGA in Farra d'Isonzo and RUSSIZ SUPERIORE in Capriva del Friuli, need machinery which could cool the must without surges in temperature and thus eventually improve the quality of the end product, as well as cooling the maturation tanks and air conditioning the wine cellars and aging rooms. The solution, obviously, is provided by WEKER.


The FAR group, a prominent Italian company in the chemical sector, asks several firms to come up with 100 to 1500 kW rotary screw compressors, 1,000 kw coolers to -30C° for the chemical industry, extreme coolers to -60C° and Heat Pumps with supply temperature of 85C°. The solution comes from WEKER.


CANTIERI VITTORIA commissions a series of air conditioning systems for Libyan and Tunisian coast guard ships. Special requests? No vibration, no mould or condensation, noiseless operation and high power for both heating and cooling. Once again, the solution bears the name WEKER.


In 2003 the gym SPORTING 101 in Gorizia asked us for an air treatment unit for its premises, a heat-exchange system to control humidity and temperature. The system which only recently is known as "Controlled Mechanical Ventilation" was WEKER's "solution" ten years ago, and now, following ten years of testing and adjustments, the “REINELUFT” CMV series is born.


The famous ice cream chain "GROM" from TORINO - Italy and French “AMORINO”, based in Paris, needs to reduce drastically the consumption of water and electricity in its shops. The most obvious solution is again from WEKER: a water economiser which, as well as recovering water from the fridge motors, in winter uses the same water to heat the premises through water-based fan-coils, and provides domestic hot water at zero cost all year round.


In Cannes, the Grand Hotel opens a new ice cream parlour on the famous beach. The heart of the laboratory is signed WEKER.


CLUB 55 in Saint Tropez wants to slash running costs and in particular to improve working conditions, which are incredibly hot because of the direct expansion units. The problem is solved with WEKER: with a single machine, all the refrigeration units are managed, reducing running costs and eliminating thermal pollution.


The “Buontalenti” is the latest sensation at the Ice Cream Festival. The very best of the sector's technology, innovation and equipment are to be found on board the world's first mobile laboratory for artisan ice cream, created by the brains of the Festival. The “Buontalenti” produces top quality artisan ice cream day and night, in full view of the public - a thrill for adults and children alike. In only 55 sq.m., the “Buontalenti” has five complete workstations where five Ice Cream Maestros can work simultaneously with the Trittico, the multi-functional machine which is Bravo's pride and joy. An entire wall made of glass allows the public to follow all the stages of the compelling process of making delicious hand-made ice cream. The heart of this futuristic system is, obviously, WEKER.