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Climate control, both heating and cooling, in the nautical sector, presents an ongoing challenge for improvement. Combining functionality, ease of installation, compact size, noiseless operation, power and quality is not an easy task, but WEKER has already risen to the challenge. Today Weker offers a range of products which not only constitute the last word in comfort, but also succeed in satisfying all kinds of clients. 7,000 to 1,000,000 BTU is a range which few firms can take on, and Weker has done it magnificently, with its usual unbeatable style. The next step is to become leader in the sector. Whatever your criteria, we are here to design a solution based on your requirements.


These systems feature a unit known as a chiller, usually placed in the engine room and connected to fan coils (ventilating units) located in the cabins to be heated or cooled. The Chiller series of air conditioning and heating systems are built using materials especially suited to marine use; they are encased in stainless steel panels which not only protect the components but also guarantee more noiseless operation. All the systems, fitted with reverse cycle inverters, are complete with seawater/gas condensers in cupronickel, load-bearing structure in stainless steel and hermetic rotary or scroll compressors. With the Chiller system, the ventilating units mean that each cabin can have the desired temperature. With capacities from 12,000 to 250,000 BTU, these are the smallest and most powerful systems in the world.

MODELLO cooling watt cooling btu heating watt heating btu power kw

1 compressor (Volt 230/1/50)
CH-12 3.500 12.000 3.800 12.900 1.1
CH-16 4.852 16.000 5.600 19.000 1.6
CH-18 5.290 18.000 6.500 22.400 1.7
CH-22 6.447 22.000 7.250 27.500 2.3
CH-24 7.058 24.000 8.700 30.000 2.4
CH-28 7.900 28.000 9.150 38.000 2.6

2 compressors (Volt 230/1/50)
CH-36 10.588 36.000 13.000 45.000 3.2
CH-44 12.940 44.000 15.400 50.000 3.5
CH-48 14.110 48.000 17.440 56.000 4.6
CH-54 16.100 54.000 20.000 60.000 4.8
CH-60 17.940 60.000 21.800 64.000 4.9

4 compressors (Volt 230/1/50)
CH-120 35.290 120.000 43.550 150.000 10.5
CH-240 70.580 240.000 87.154 300.100 21.01

Electricity box – Fan coil pump - Seawater pump with filter - Expansion chamber - Antifreeze liquid – Fan coil manifold - Insulating material

model CH 12 to CH 28 - 41 x 46 x 42

model CH 36 to CH 60 - 41 x 71 x 50

MEGA series

Big solutions for big marine systems. Military vessels, cruise ships and yachts over 30 metres. A bespoke system which allows us to meet any challenge, a modular system adaptable to specific criteria. No compromise! From today, the system that adjusts to your needs. No limits. Only with WEKER every wish comes true.

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