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Weker's associates

WEKER and its partners have a team of energy consultants at your disposal who will, completely free of charge and with no obligation on your part, evaluate with you the best solutions to solve your energy problems. WEKER can offer a comprehensive service, thanks to the valuable collaboration of companies such as SUNTRADES and ISENS. The engineers, architects and technical experts of these three companies work together to carry out a detailed analysis and find the best solution, every time.


SUNEDISON is a world leader in solar power. As well as boasting the building of Europe's largest photovoltaic park and thousands of plants of all sizes all over the world, it embodies the solidity of a group which has always offered extraordinary products and services.

SUNTRADES was chosen by SUNEDISON for its professionalism and reliability, as dealer and authorised installer throughout Italy, and continues to guarantee clients the product quality and excellent service which make the difference. SUNTRADES, as always, takes care of everything, providing a real all-round service for its clients. From the selection of the finest materials, through quality of installation, to the details of paperwork, SUNTRADES is your genuine reference point and reliable partner.



The science of lighting is the technical discipline behind the lighting of spaces and locations, which is essential for human well-being. Finding the right balance of natural and artificial light plays on the marriage of energy and matter. Born as perception, it becomes the synergy of effect and geometry. A large part of our sensory perception is visual and thus requires light as the vehicle for information, and furthermore, light influences the body via the nerves, regulating the neurovegetative system which controls all the organism's functions and renewal processes.

Positive emotions can be increased in environments designed for well-being, using not only light, but light and shade effects to influence the emotions and create functional spaces.

All the technology you need to stimulate and satisfy your senses. Your environment in the palm of your hand. We will guide you on a sensory journey of light, sound and more, simply managed to make your corner of the word unique and special.

Sound is a language no less important than vision, used by every individual to express ideas, concepts and emotions. We design and create sound settings, with skill and respect for the acoustics of the space, using exciting sound reproduction technologies. This is why we have developed a division dedicated to consultancy and provision of professional and domestic audio-visual equipment for every kind of indoor and outdoor space. Sound releases our emotions and accompanies our senses in every perception.

This is the foundation for the growth and ripening of ISENS. For you, offering a choice selection of the best the ever-changing market has to offer.